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License and Sales Policy

The software is sold through the Mac App Store and the license and sales policies are set out in the Mac App Store Terms and Conditions. If you are a commercial enterprise or educational institution whose intended use exceeds that allowed by the Mac App Store Terms and Conditions you should contact Dalamser Sales for an appropriate license and version of the software.

TimePreserver Direct Version (Retired)


Purchasing a license for TimePreserver Direct (the software) entitles the purchaser to install a single copy of the software to archive all the Time Machine servers in a single home, shared student apartment, SOHO environment or similar. A second copy of the software may be installed on a secondary system for the sole purpose of providing a backup should the primary system with the installed copy fail. Copies may be made for backup, indeed they should be! The software may not be reverse-engineered.

Sales Policy

The software is provided as an electronic download for evaluation purposes. All sales are therefore final, no returns can be accepted.

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