TimePreserver Price: US$9.99/Free


TimePreserver is available in two versions from the Mac App Store. These require, and are recommended for, Mac OS X 10.9 or higher.

TimePreserver — $9.99

Release: 2.1.1 Release History

This version supports full incremental archiving of your Time Capsule, only those items which have changed since the last operation are copied. Furthermore an individual Mac is only prevented from backing up using Time Machine while its own backup is being archived.

These two features mean that TimePreserver is dramatically faster then TimePreserver Lite for second and subsequent operations, reducing days to hours. The impact on individual Macs is also greatly reduced due to the sorter periuod Time Machine is prevented from backing up.

TimePreserver Lite — Free

Release: 2.1.1 Release History

This version provides non-incremental archiving of your Time Capsule, every item on the Time Capsule is always copied. Time Machine is also prevented from backing up any attached Mac for the duration of the operation to ensure integrity.

An archive can take a long time, easily over a day for a full 2Tb Time Capsule.

Minimum Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.9
  • Apple Silicon or 64-bit Intel Mac
  • Time Capsule/Time Machine Server(s)
  • External hard drive(s) (recommended, can also use internal and network drives)

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TimePreserver Direct Has Been Retired

A non-Mac App Store version TimePreserver Direct used to be sold. This was the original version, pre-dating the MAS itself, however after over a decade it has been retired. Please obtain TimePreserver or TimePreserver Lite as above.

For existing licence holders TimePreserver Direct is available by download from this site. You may also download this version to evaluate TimePreserver if you prefer not to obtain TimePreserver Lite from the Mac App Store. This version requires Mac OS X 10.8 or higher and is Developer ID signed and Apple Notarized.

TimePreserver Direct
— Existing Licence Holders

Release: 1.8 Release History

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