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Editing & Printing

Mouse Commands

Click + drag:
Move a clock.
Shift + click:
Bring all clocks to front revealing clocks hidden by windows.
⌘ + shift + drag:
Resize a clock. Like windows clocks resize from the bottom right.

Clock Contextual Menu

Turn on/off the display of the date, AM/PM, time zone and second hand.
As an alternative to ⌘ + shift + drag to resize a clock you can set the size directly to one of three standard sizes:
(Want large clocks? Hold down option when selecting the size menu for larger standard sizes.)
Minimize the clock into the Dock.
Clicking on a clock brings it to the front of other clocks, this item sends it behind all other clocks.
Displays a small box (as a submenu) with details of the time zone for this clock; including the abbreviation, UTC offset, and whether daylight savings is in force. For the Halifax example above:

Print the clock, may also be used to produce a PDF file in the standard way. Use the menu bar’s File:Page Setup… or system-wide menu’s Clocks/Windows:Page Setup for page setup. (The menu bar’s File:Print… and system-wide menu’s Clocks/Windows:Print… can be used to print other JAC windows.)
Remove the clock.