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Release History

3.5 Oct 2018 Support for Mojave’s Dark Mode. Nautical timezones now available in the Table Picker. Documented that search suggestions are only available in macOS 10.11.4+ and how search works on earlier macOS versions.
3.4 Oct 2018 Restored map search capability following change of map service supplier. Added keyboard navigation for panning & zooming the map, and selecting completions from the search suggestions.
3.3 Aug 2018 Changed to a new map service, used by the Map Picker, as the previous one had become unreliable.
3.2.1 Aug 2016 Fix for intermittent display issue when JAC Digital is opened at login and a clock overlaps the Dock.
3.2 Dec 2015 Internal changes to take advantage of latest OS releases. Fix: Free-resize of clocks now works on El Capitan.
3.0 Oct 2013 Introduces a new Map Picker for setting clock locations, expanded support for multiple displays, and more.
2.4 Nov 2012 First version of JAC Digital. The version number is 2.4 to align with its sibling JAC.


  • Mac OS X 10.9, 64-bit system

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