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Editing & Printing

Mouse Commands

Click + drag:
Move a clock.
Shift + click:
Bring all clocks to front revealing clocks hidden by windows.
⌘ + shift + drag:
Resize a clock. Like windows clocks resize from the bottom right.

Clock Contextual Menu

Turn on/off the display of the date, AM/PM, time zone and second hand.
As an alternative to ⌘ + shift + drag to resize a clock you can set the size directly to one of three standard sizes:
Small Large
(Want large clocks? Hold down option when selecting the size menu for larger standard sizes.)
Minimize the clock into the Dock.
Clicking on a clock brings it to the front of other clocks, this item sends it behind all other clocks.
Displays a small box (as a submenu) with details of the time zone for this clock; including the abbreviation, UTC offset, and whether daylight savings is in force. For the Halifax example above:

Print the clock, may also be used to produce a PDF file in the standard way. Use the menu bar’s File:Page Setup… or system-wide menu’s Clocks/Windows:Page Setup for page setup. Some of the graphical effects used by some clock designs may not print correctly using the default vector graphics, to address this the option key may be held down when selecting from the menu and this entry will change to Print Bitmap… (The menu bar’s File:Print… and system-wide menu’s Clocks/Windows:Print… can be used to print other JAC windows.)
Remove the clock.