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Step-by-step Walkthrough

This is an example walkthrough of updating folder dates in Folder Dater.

  1. This our example folder, Clients, in the Finder; we have 3 folders for filed client work, and Current for this months work. The Clients folder when sorted by Date Modified in the Finder lists the clients in the order work has been performed for them.

  2. At the start of April the March worked is filed into the respective client folders. Unfortunately this results in the client folders having modified dates in April, even though the most recent documents they contain are dated in March. We use Folder Dater to quickly correct this.

  3. After launching Folder Dater we drag the Clients folder onto the drop area; select the first task, Set modified date by most recently modified descendant; and execute it by pressing Perform Task.

  4. Folder Dater now scans the descendants of Clients and updates the modification dates as appropriate.

  5. When complete Folder Dater reports the number of changes made; and gives the opportuntity to Preview in Finder the changes; and to Undo then if needed.

  6. Back in the Finder the folders now sort as desired.