All Apps are Universal supporting both
Apple Silicon and Intel Macs



TimePreserver is designed to do one complex task easily: making archives of your Time Machine backups stored on a Time Capsule. In keeping with Time Machine there is no complicated setup, no myriad of options. It just works.

New in 2.0: SMB Support

In keeping with Apple’s transition from AFP to SMB TimePreserver 2.0 now supports SMB connections to Time Machine Servers. See the TimePreserver product page for more details.



JAC (“Just A Clock”) - for when you just need to know the time.

One or more resizable traditional (analog) clocks showing the time in different locations. Optional date, timezone and AM/PM display. Uses system language & calendar for display. Clocks may optionally float above other apps, or be brought forward using a hot corner. Spaces/Mission Control aware.


JAC Digital

JAC Digital - for when you just need to know the time digitally.

Similar to JAC, but one or more resizable digital clocks showing the time in different locations.



Sϵv϶n is a formatted text editor/simple word processor. Sϵv϶n has particular support for technical writers writing documentation for OS X applications. In general, with its many features, Sϵv϶n is a capable application lying in the region between basic text editors and powerful word processors.

New in 2.3: Embedded Subversion Client

With Subversion’s removal from Xcode the options for available Subversion installations that Sϵv϶n can work with has reduced. To address this an embedded Subversion client for macOS 10.13 onwards, with native Apple Silicon support on macOS 11, is now included.


Folder Dater

Folder Dater sets a folder’s modification date or creation date attributes based on the attributes of its descendants.

This enables the order folders are sorted by the Finder to be controlled so it reflects some attribute of the items within the folders.


Date Paradox Resolver

Date Paradox Resolver is a maintenance tool which resolves paradoxes in file and folder date stamps.

Additionally; as one cause of invalid creation dates is a copy operation which fails to set them correctly; copying creation dates from another item is supported. This is most useful when the target and source are folder trees.