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Release History

2.1.1 July 2021
  • Workaround UI glitch in forthcoming macOS Monterey
  • Change icon of TimePreserver Lite to differ from TimePreserver’s to meet new Mac App Store requirement.
2.1 May 2021
  • Universal App for Apple Silicon and Intel Macs
2.0 (TimePreserver & TimePreserver Lite) Sept 2020 Changes include:
  • SMB mounting of Time Machine Servers (TMS) is now supported for TMS complying with Apple specifications. Keeping with TimePreserver’s goal of simplicity this support is configured automatically on a per-TMS basis.
  • Users intending to use a non-Apple TMS, such as a third-party NAS, are advised to first use TimePreserver Lite (available free) to ascertain compatibility with their TMS before purchasing TimePreserver.
  • Other internal improvements keeping with the latest operating system changes.
1.8 Sept 2019 UI tweaks and under-the-hood changes adopting features of the latest macOS releases, the user-visible changes include:
  • APFS volumes are now "native", no need to enable foreign filesystems in Preferences to store archives on them.
  • Dark Mode is supported.
  • Improved UI transitions.
  • And we've even removed a Preference setting to keep things simple, with apologies to those who yearn for pre-Lion window management we no longer provide the option to emulate them.
  • Final release of TimePreserver Direct.
1.7.3 Mar 2017
  • Address an incompatibility between v1.7.2 and the latest systems which could cause a crash when the Keychain contained an out-of-date/invalid entry for the Time Capsule/TMS.
  • On rare occasions confusing, but harmless, system dialogs could be displayed during normal TimePreserver operation. These dialogs are now surpressed.
1.7.2 Jan 2017
  • Maintenance release. Improved handling of obscure errors.
1.7.1 Apr 2016
  • Maintenance release. Various under-the-hood changes taking advantage of the latest OS X releases.
1.7 Feb 2016
  • Improved custom archive option allowing archiving of a subset of a Time Capsule.
  • Improved archive update operation in situation such as a machine being renamed.
  • Various under-the-hood changes taking advantage of the latest OS X releases.
1.6.2 Dec 2014 Maintenance release. Fixes an issue where under certain circumstances if the user entered an incorrect username or password resulting in failure to access a disc then a dialog indicating the cause of the failure would not be displayed.
1.6.1 Oct 2014 Maintenance release. Fixes an error that could occur when displaying an error message to the user.

[Note: This was an error when displaying error messages only, the integrity of your archives has not been affected.]

1.6 Sept 2014 Maintenance release. Provides compatibility with latest versions of OS X.
1.5.1 Sept 2012 Maintenance release. Addresses a rare issue in OS X where TimePreserver is unable to access the Time Capsule. Fixes a cosmetic window-change glitch on retina displays.
1.5.1 Sept 2012 Maintenance release. Addresses a rare issue in OS X where TimePreserver is unable to access the Time Capsule. Fixes a cosmetic window-change glitch on retina displays.
1.5 July 2012 TimePreserver Direct is Developer ID certified for GateKeeper in OS X Mountain Lion.

News item service. This opt-in (and opt-out) service delivers news items from Dalamser directly within the application. For TimePreserver Direct the service will also provide details of updates.
Our apologies to TimePreserver and TimePreserver Lite customers, however Apple disallows in-application notification of updates for Mac App Store applications and you must monitor the Store for updates.

Numerous under-the-hood improvements taking advantage of the latest OS X versions.

Support for Mac OS X 10.5 & PowerPC dropped from TimePreserver Direct.

1.4.2 (App Store)
1.3.2 (Direct)
Oct 2011 Update to add support for rare/unusual disks whose declared capacity is less than their free space.

Disks which report more free space than capacity might normally be assumed to be corrupt; however there are some disks which under-report their capacity (a “feature”) and hence give rise to this unusual situation.

Previous versions of TimePreserver would not use such disks, this version allows them on a per-disk user-choice basis.

No change will be noticed for the vast majority with normal disks.

1.4.1 (App Store)
1.3.1 (Direct)
Aug 2011 Maintenance release to address issue on latest systems when Keychain entry is updated after user name/password change.
1.4 (App Store)
1.3 (Direct)
July 2011 Added support for archiving individual Mac's Time Machine backups.
1.2 (App Store)
1.1.5 (Direct)
May 2011 Added support for network-based and non-Mac filesystem based archives, etc.
Introduced TimePreserver Lite for the Mac App Store. Modelled after the Time Capsule archive function, this performs non-incremental archiving and full time Time Machine lockout.
1.1 Apr 2011 First Mac App Store version. Equivalent to v1.0
1.0 Dec 2010 First version, direct download only.

Minimum Requirements

  • TimePreserver & TimePreserver Lite 2.1
    • Mac OS X 10.9
    • Apple Silicon or Intel 64-bit system
  • TimePreserver Direct 1.8
    • Mac OS X 10.8
    • Intel 64-bit system
  • Time Capsule/Time Machine Server(s)
  • External hard drive(s) (recommended, can also use internal and network drives)

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